Do I need to use Teams even if my class is held in person?

Yes, every instructor in every class has to use MS Teams in Blackboard even if their class is being held in person. Every class must be given in Teams for a number of reasons.
1.) It allows the needed flexibility for students that can’t attend the class in person because of various COVID issues to view and participate.
2.) Presenting and Recording every Class Lecture allows for the simultaneous creation of both Synchronous and Asynchronous course content.
3.) Delivering and Recording of all classes with MS Teams allows us to go completely on line in case of another government mandated closure.
4.) MS Teams instantaneously creates a transcript of every lecture and insures that course content is accessible to all students.

Where did the link for my lecture in Blackboard go after I clicked on "Add To Calendar"?

When you schedule  your MS Teams Meeting in Blackboard, one of the last steps in the process is clicking on “Add To Calendar”.  When you do this a dialogue box pops up saying “… the meeting link has been added to your Course Calendar and to your Course Outline.”  (Most users have not been able to find the Course Outline.)  In short- the term ‘Course Outline” is for a different version of Blackboard, not the version we use here at Neumann.  (The wording of this pop-up box can not be changed by us because it is managed by Microsoft’s on their servers.)

By design, MS Teams publishes the link in the Top Most Menu Item in each course.  (as long the top menu item in your course is not a standard Blackboard tool such as Discussion Board, Blogs, Announcements, etc…)

In the Blackboard Teams Faculty Demo Video- it shows how the Top Menu Link in that Blackboard Course was called “Teams Meetings“.   We created that menu item, named it Teams Meetings and moved it to the Top that menu.  When you click “Add to Calendar”, MS Teams adds the links to that menu item since that item is at the Top of the menu tree.

(The Circled “Teams Lectures” Menu Link was created by the course
instructor and put at the top of the menu Tree.  MS Teams automatically
puts the Blackboard Teams Meetings Links in the Top Most Menu Item of
your Course.)

Can I share my MS Teams Meeting/Lecture with participants outside of Neumann?

Yes, you can share your lecture/meeting. Simply copy the URL of your meeting and paste it into an email.

If the person outside of Neumann is going to be a presenter in your meeting/lecture- it highly recommended to be sure they have the actual Microsoft Teams App installed on their computer.  The web version of the MS Teams App doesn’t offer all the features that actual App has.  (For example- you can not share desktop audio in the web version of MS Teams)

Can I schedule my MS Teams Meeting/lecture in advance and share the link?

Yes- you can schedule your Teams Meeting in Blackboard well in advance.

Please keep in mind- the Students will not be able to see the Teams Meeting link in Blackboard until approximately 1 hour before the meetings scheduled time.  This is Because of the “Adaptive Release Policies” that exist in Blackboard. Here is a link from Blackboard that explains more about the different Adaptive Release Options in Blackboard. ( )

If you are creating multiple MS Teams Meeting links at the same time in Blackboard- you could run into an issue with the Meeting Links not being added to your Blackboard Course.  (After you click on “Add To Calendar”)  There is a known bug where Blackboard and Microsoft sometimes have a delay in communicating with each other.  If you are trying to create multiple MS Teams Meeting links at the same time in Blackboard- you may have to wait 15 -20 minutes in between creating each one.

Can I just create one MS Teams Meeting for the entire semester?

If you only make one MS Teams Meeting for the entire semester, each lecture and recording will have the same name. This will become confusing for students looking for a particular lecture.  It will also become very hard to manage as time goes on and more Meetings are created.

We recommend you make a new meeting for each lecture. This helps organize your course lectures as well as their recordings.

How do I access my MS Teams Recordings? (FULL TIME FACULTY)

***PLEASE NOTE: Steps 3 through 5 are for Full Time Faculty (Not Adjunct Faculty)***  
There is a separate topic in the MS Teams FAQ as well as a different video tutorial that show how to manage recordings if you are an Adjunct Faculty Member.  Here is the link to that video:

There are two main methods to finding the URL of your MS Teams recordings…

A.)  Wait for the video to finish processing and it will appear in the Chat window of that Teams Meeting.

1.) Launch Teams App and Click on the ‘Chat” Tile in the left Menu.

2.) Find the lecture you are looking for under the “Chat” section of the Teams App.

3.) Your recording will appear in the Chat window when it is finished uploading and processing.  Click on the Three
Dots (…) to bring up the submenu of the video.

4.) After clicking on the Three Dots- a Sub-Menu will open.  The Sub-Menu has a option for “Get Link” (as well
as some other options)

5.) The Link to your Lecture Recording will Pop-up after you click “Get Link“.  You can now copy that URL and paste
it into your Blackboard Course.



B.) You can also find your recording by logging in to the Microsoft Stream App in the Neumann Portal.

1.) Login to the Neumann Portal.  From there click on the Tile that says
Stream“.  (You may be prompted to enter your Neumann Email Address and Password if a Microsoft Prompt pops-up.)

Neumann Porta

2.) After clicking on Stream -> look across the top of the page.  There you will see a number of menu links.  Click on the link that says “My content“.

3.) After clicking on “My Content”, -> choose “Videos

4.)  After clicking on “Videos”-> locate the video you would like to interact with.  There are a number of options on the right of the video.
-To obtain the URL of the video-> Click on the “Three Dots (…)

5.) Clicking on these “Three Dots (…) will open a sub-menu where you can click on “Share” to copy the recording link.

6.) You can now paste the recording link back into your Blackboard Course where ever you like.

How do I give my permission to view my lecture recordings in MS Stream?

As of this writing- (8/28/20) there are three methods for giving students access to your videos in MS Stream.

1.)  Make the video available to everyone at Neumann University.
2.)  Make the video available to all students.
3.)  Manually type each students name into the permissions area in MS Stream.

We realize option number 3 is not optimal and is very time consuming.  We are working on a solution to create “Groups” that are separated by each class.  When this is finished- you will be able to give access by class name and not just by individual student name.

Directions on how to do these various options are available in this tutorial video:

I can't create multiple MS Teams Meetings in Blackboard - nothing happens after I hit "Add To Calendar.

If you are creating multiple MS Teams Meeting links at the same time in Blackboard- you could run into an issue with the Meeting Links not being added to your Blackboard Course.  (After you click on “Add To Calendar”)  There is a known bug where Blackboard and Microsoft sometimes have a delay in communicating with each other.  If you are trying to create multiple MS Teams Meeting links at the same time in Blackboard- you may have to wait 15 -20 minutes in between creating each one.

I didn't see all the screens shown in the MS Teams Demo Videos- Did I do something wrong?

The demo video we created for using MS Teams in Blackboard was created using Classroom Computers located on our Neumann Campus.  Personal Computers will behave very similarly, however you may only have to log in once using your own computer.  (Depending on your computer’s configuration)  Most of the steps will be exactly the same.

Please don’t forget to open the MS Teams App before joining any MS Teams Meetings in Blackboard.

How many of my students cameras can I see at one time in a Microsoft Teams Meeting?

The current number of user camera feeds that you can see at one time is currently limited to 9 in Microsoft Teams. (Microsoft is working on expanding this number in the very near future)

However- it is highly recommended to not request students to be on video when they are watching a lecture or presentation. Displaying video feeds takes bandwidth away from the session and the amount of data increases exponentially as more video feeds are added.  The resolution of the session and the recording are lowered as the bandwidth increases.

How do I use Breakout Rooms in MS Teams? (*New Feature1/11/21)

Microsoft has released Breakout Room Features to MS Teams.  We have created a tutorial video that shows how to use this feature.  That video is available here-

Breakout Rooms are used inside of MS Teams meetings.  You don’t have to do anything in advance to use Breakout rooms in your meetings.  The video above is around 10 minutes long and shows everything you can do with Breakout Rooms. Please send an email to [email protected] if you need additional assistance.

How do I share a Power Point, Video or another document in MS Teams?

The best way to do this is to share your “Entire Desktop” with the students via MS Teams.  The link below is a video that shows exactly how and why to share your Entire Desktop in MS Teams instead of individual applications.  Sharing your Entire Desktop makes it much easier on you because you don’t have to “worry” about sharing individual items.  (Whatever you have displayed/open on your desktop- will be shared with the students watching the MS Teams Meeting/lecture.)

How do I use MS Teams in Blackboard for my office hours?

Here are the steps I would take to make a MS Teams meeting in Blackboard that students could use for office hours:  Say you had Office Hours every day from 3-5PM for the entire semester.

  1. ) Create a MS Teams meeting as you normally would in Blackboard.  –However, Make the “meeting” time run for the entire length of the semester.
         -For example: Make it start on September 1st at 3PM and End on December 31 at 5PM.
    -You can name it “Office Hours 3-5PM”
  2. The Teams meeting is added to your course calendar as well as the top menu item in Blackboard (just as it is for a normal lecture)
    Office Hours In Blackboard

3. Copy the link for this MS Teams meeting that is created in Blackboard and paste it into the section where you want to post your office hours
in your course.

-I created a new content area in my course named “Office Hours”  (The “Best Practices in MS Teams” video I created shows how to
move the links to the appropriate content areas.

4. The Link is now under my content area named “Office Hours” as well as in my course calendar for the entire semester.
Office Hours on Calendar

*** Now lets say you only have office hours on Wednesdays instead of every day.  If this were the case- you would follow all the same steps you did above.  (All Of them) When you are finished all those steps above you would need to:

  1. Click on the “Plus Sign” (+) in your course Calendar to add a new event.
  2. Copy and Paste the original meetings “description” from the calendar and paste it into the “event description” area of the new even3. Just above the “Event Description” area is a check box for “Repeat”.
    Blackboard Calendar Event Details Location

    4. Clicking on “Repeat” brings up several ‘repeat” options.
    Blackboard Calendar Repeat Options5. ***Just make sure the start/end date and time match the first date and time for when your actual office hours start
    6.) You can make it repeat on a Weekly/Biweekly Schedule on each day you need it to repeat
    7. Choose an “End Date” or the number of weeks you want the event to repeat.
    8. Choose “Save” to add this to your Blackboard Calendar.



How do I Sync my Blackboard Calendar with other calendars?

You can import your Blackboard Calendar into Outlook, Google’s Calendar and even the calendar on your smart phone.  Here are instructions on how to do this…

Log into your Blackboard course and :
1. Click the Calendar link under My Blackboard Tools

2. Below your list of calendar events, click ICALENDAR > Get External Calendar Link

3. Copy the URL with the .ics extension to use for the following instructions provided by Blackboard.

Google Calendar
Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars
Select Add by URL from the menu
Enter the Blackboard Learn iCalendar URL in the field provided
Click the Add Calendar button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.

Microsoft Outlook
In Account Settings, choose the Internet Calendars tab.
Click on New and paste the iCalendar URL you copied from Blackboard into the location and click Add.

Option 1

Select “Settings”
Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
Select “Add Account…” under “Accounts”
Select “Other” at the bottom
Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”
Type the iCalendar URL. Select “Next”.

Option 2

Mail the iCalendar URL ending in .ics to the email account set up on your iPhone.
Open the email on your phone and click the URL.
iPhone recognizes the .ics extension as a calendar and prompts you to subscribe. Choose yes.