***PLEASE NOTE: Steps 3 through 5 are for Full Time Faculty (Not Adjunct Faculty)***  
There is a separate topic in the MS Teams FAQ as well as a different video tutorial that show how to manage recordings if you are an Adjunct Faculty Member.  Here is the link to that video: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/7341858d-8bbb-4e98-b659-8e2e6cc3e2b9

There are two main methods to finding the URL of your MS Teams recordings…

A.)  Wait for the video to finish processing and it will appear in the Chat window of that Teams Meeting.

1.) Launch Teams App and Click on the ‘Chat” Tile in the left Menu.

2.) Find the lecture you are looking for under the “Chat” section of the Teams App.

3.) Your recording will appear in the Chat window when it is finished uploading and processing.  Click on the Three
Dots (…) to bring up the submenu of the video.

4.) After clicking on the Three Dots- a Sub-Menu will open.  The Sub-Menu has a option for “Get Link” (as well
as some other options)

5.) The Link to your Lecture Recording will Pop-up after you click “Get Link“.  You can now copy that URL and paste
it into your Blackboard Course.



B.) You can also find your recording by logging in to the Microsoft Stream App in the Neumann Portal.

1.) Login to the Neumann Portal.  From there click on the Tile that says
Stream“.  (You may be prompted to enter your Neumann Email Address and Password if a Microsoft Prompt pops-up.)

Neumann Porta

2.) After clicking on Stream -> look across the top of the page.  There you will see a number of menu links.  Click on the link that says “My content“.

3.) After clicking on “My Content”, -> choose “Videos

4.)  After clicking on “Videos”-> locate the video you would like to interact with.  There are a number of options on the right of the video.
-To obtain the URL of the video-> Click on the “Three Dots (…)

5.) Clicking on these “Three Dots (…) will open a sub-menu where you can click on “Share” to copy the recording link.

6.) You can now paste the recording link back into your Blackboard Course where ever you like.