You can import your Blackboard Calendar into Outlook, Google’s Calendar and even the calendar on your smart phone.  Here are instructions on how to do this…

Log into your Blackboard course and :
1. Click the Calendar link under My Blackboard Tools

2. Below your list of calendar events, click ICALENDAR > Get External Calendar Link

3. Copy the URL with the .ics extension to use for the following instructions provided by Blackboard.

Google Calendar
Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars
Select Add by URL from the menu
Enter the Blackboard Learn iCalendar URL in the field provided
Click the Add Calendar button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.

Microsoft Outlook
In Account Settings, choose the Internet Calendars tab.
Click on New and paste the iCalendar URL you copied from Blackboard into the location and click Add.

Option 1

Select “Settings”
Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
Select “Add Account…” under “Accounts”
Select “Other” at the bottom
Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”
Type the iCalendar URL. Select “Next”.

Option 2

Mail the iCalendar URL ending in .ics to the email account set up on your iPhone.
Open the email on your phone and click the URL.
iPhone recognizes the .ics extension as a calendar and prompts you to subscribe. Choose yes.