Here are the steps I would take to make a MS Teams meeting in Blackboard that students could use for office hours:  Say you had Office Hours every day from 3-5PM for the entire semester.

  1. ) Create a MS Teams meeting as you normally would in Blackboard.  –However, Make the “meeting” time run for the entire length of the semester.
         -For example: Make it start on September 1st at 3PM and End on December 31 at 5PM.
    -You can name it “Office Hours 3-5PM”
  2. The Teams meeting is added to your course calendar as well as the top menu item in Blackboard (just as it is for a normal lecture)
    Office Hours In Blackboard

3. Copy the link for this MS Teams meeting that is created in Blackboard and paste it into the section where you want to post your office hours
in your course.

-I created a new content area in my course named “Office Hours”  (The “Best Practices in MS Teams” video I created shows how to
move the links to the appropriate content areas.

4. The Link is now under my content area named “Office Hours” as well as in my course calendar for the entire semester.
Office Hours on Calendar

*** Now lets say you only have office hours on Wednesdays instead of every day.  If this were the case- you would follow all the same steps you did above.  (All Of them) When you are finished all those steps above you would need to:

  1. Click on the “Plus Sign” (+) in your course Calendar to add a new event.
  2. Copy and Paste the original meetings “description” from the calendar and paste it into the “event description” area of the new even3. Just above the “Event Description” area is a check box for “Repeat”.
    Blackboard Calendar Event Details Location

    4. Clicking on “Repeat” brings up several ‘repeat” options.
    Blackboard Calendar Repeat Options5. ***Just make sure the start/end date and time match the first date and time for when your actual office hours start
    6.) You can make it repeat on a Weekly/Biweekly Schedule on each day you need it to repeat
    7. Choose an “End Date” or the number of weeks you want the event to repeat.
    8. Choose “Save” to add this to your Blackboard Calendar.