When you schedule  your MS Teams Meeting in Blackboard, one of the last steps in the process is clicking on “Add To Calendar”.  When you do this a dialogue box pops up saying “… the meeting link has been added to your Course Calendar and to your Course Outline.”  (Most users have not been able to find the Course Outline.)  In short- the term ‘Course Outline” is for a different version of Blackboard, not the version we use here at Neumann.  (The wording of this pop-up box can not be changed by us because it is managed by Microsoft’s on their servers.)

By design, MS Teams publishes the link in the Top Most Menu Item in each course.  (as long the top menu item in your course is not a standard Blackboard tool such as Discussion Board, Blogs, Announcements, etc…)

In the Blackboard Teams Faculty Demo Video- it shows how the Top Menu Link in that Blackboard Course was called “Teams Meetings“.   We created that menu item, named it Teams Meetings and moved it to the Top that menu.  When you click “Add to Calendar”, MS Teams adds the links to that menu item since that item is at the Top of the menu tree.

(The Circled “Teams Lectures” Menu Link was created by the course
instructor and put at the top of the menu Tree.  MS Teams automatically
puts the Blackboard Teams Meetings Links in the Top Most Menu Item of
your Course.)