Why am I getting a new computer?

Neumann ITR leases all of its desktops and laptops for a duration of 3 years, so every 3 years you will receive a new computer. This allows us to maintain a modern standard to ensure all applications work properly and efficiently.

How does this process work?

First, ITR will contact you to tell you that your PC is due for replacement, and schedule a time for the replacement. We will need a window of time during which you can be without your computer for several hours.

Second, we will gather the data off of your old computer. You cannot use your old computer during this time as we need to restart the computer to begin the data gather. Once the data gather is complete, the technician which is handling your replacement will receive a notification and your old computer will shut down.

Finally, we will bring your new computer and monitor to your office and make the swap. Once we have your new hardware installed and plugged in, we will begin imaging your new computer.

During the imaging process, your new computer will restart multiple times as it installs all of our standard software. Once your computer is sitting at the logon prompt, it’s ready to use!

How long will the process take?

The entire process will take between an hour and more than four hours, depending on how much data you have on your old PC and how complicated your work environment is. We will give you an estimate when we talk with you.

What about my email and browser settings?

Your email is stored on our email servers, not on your computer, so it does not need to be transferred to your new computer, per se.

Your browser settings, including favorites, will be captured as part of our data gather process.

What software will be included on my new computer?

Our standard build currently includes:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 365 (2016)
  • Browsers
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Adobe Flash, Acrobat Pro DC
  • VLC Media Player
  • GreenShot (screenshot software)
  • ShoreTel Communicator

What if I need special software on my computer?

If you need special software which isn’t included in our standard build, please let the technician handling your replacement know so we can install it on your new computer. If you realize after the fact that you’re missing software, please contact the ITR Help Desk.

What about my printer?

If you use a networked printer, you will need to re-connect to the printer on your new computer. You can do this yourself – visit this page

If you have a local printer on your desk, it will most likely work immediately after your new computer is done imaging. However, some local printers will require someone from ITR to install the drivers. If you find that your local printer does not work, please contact the ITR Help Desk.

To change your default printer, please view our article here.

What will happen to my old computer?

Your old computer will be taken back to the ITR office and securely erased prior to being shipped off campus – no need to worry about sensitive data leaving the campus.