Are you a new student at Neumann University? The University recommends that each student has personal access to a computer. Read below to learn more about your computing needs here at Neumann.

Do I need to purchase Microsoft Office?

No, you don’t need to purchase the Microsoft Office suite. Through our agreement with Microsoft, Neumann University provides an Office 365 ProPlus subscription to all Students and Staff. Once you have your Neumann University username and password, log in at to download your free copy on up to 5 computers (PC or Mac)

Am I allowed/Do I need to bring my own network equipment?

No, students are not permitted to set up their own networks on campus – wired or wireless. Neumann University ITR provides wireless network access in all areas where it is used. In the dorms, wired network ports are configured by request.

Do I need my own personal computer to complete my course work?

Yes, all students are expected to have their own personal computer or computing device. Smartphones or tablets may be sufficient for accessing in class materials, but most courses require coursework to be computer generated and many course texts are ebooks. In addition, most courses are supported by a computer-based learning site, such as NU Learn or My Labs Plus (BlackBoard software). To be efficient in completing course work, the student should be able to produce written course work and papers, download educational files and texts, and complete internet-based research.  While Neumann University provides a significant number of computers in public access areas, availability is limited; these are intended to supplement your computer rather than replace it.

The ability to access a computer to complete work at any time of day or night may be essential to keeping pace with the increasing academic standards within individual courses.

At various times during a course, a student will be asked to “bring their own device” to class. Neumann University provides access to printers throughout its campus, and each student receives an account for printing on campus.

What kind of Computer Configuration does Neumann recommend?

Students are encouraged to purchase Windows computers since that is the supported platform at Neumann. Tablets such as the Dell Latitude series will provide the student with the full Office Platform in a device that is easily used in the classroom.

In addition, all classroom and lab machines are Windows computers. The Information Technology & Resources (ITR) Office supports the PC platform.

Apple-based users need to be self-sufficient and capable of dealing with all aspects of stand-alone and network complexities. Some of the software required to be used with the NU Learn and My Labs Plus platforms are not available on Apple-based devices (iPads, etc.)

How will I use my computer while I'm at Neumann?

You will use your computer as both a labor saving device and a tool for exploring ideas and to enhance personal communications. You will use it to write reports and presentations, to record and analyze data, simulate lecture demonstrations and laboratory experiments, retrieve bibliographic information and conduct research on the Internet, and much, much more.

Some of the work on the computer will be assigned to you, but you will also find uses for this educational tool on your own. You will use your computer to complete in class assignments and practice. You will use it in courses requiring an etext. You will probably use it when you complete your out of class assignments and experiences. You will come to depend on it extensively and regard it as a necessity.

What brands of computers does Neumann recommend?

Dell, and IBM are among the many vendors that sell computers meeting Neumann’s recommended specifications. Neumann prefers that you purchase these brands because you can depend on the quality of the goods and after-sale service that they offer. The higher-education contacts below offer special discounts for back-to-school purchase.

Am I required to bring my computer to class?

At times, you will be asked to “bring your device” to class. The device may be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. You will be asked to bring your device to complete course evaluations, do in-class exercises for computer-based instruction, or for the purposed of in class communication with the instructor (Clicker system) and in-class research.  While some classes that use the computer regularly may be scheduled in a computer lab or classroom with a computer cart, this is not always possible.

Do I need a printer?

The Neumann Computing Center provides laser printing in both color and black and white. Residents are welcome to bring printers for their dorm rooms, but most students prefer to use the printers in our labs.

Students receive $25 of free printing credit 3 times a year, up to a maximum of $25 free credit:

  • At the start of the fall semester
  • At the start of the spring semester
  • At the start of the summer semesters

Printing is charged at $0.05 per side for grayscale and $0.25 per side for color. Credit can easily be added via credit card (self-service) or with cash at the business office.