We have created a video tutorial that will show you how to participate in Online Lectures or watch lecture recordings.  We are currently using MS Teams for all of our online lectures.   This video will show you how to use MS Teams to watch your lectures here at Neumann:

How to participate in Online Lectures and watch lecture recordings here at Neumann (Student Video)

How do Students watch lectures in that are given in Microsoft Teams? (You do not need a MS Teams Code!)
For Synchronous (Live) Lectures
1.) Open the Microsoft Teams App. (Please make sure you have the MS Teams App downloaded and Installed on your computer)
2.) Log into the Blackboard course that contains the lecture you want to watch using the Firefox browser.
3.) Inside of the Blackboard course will be a link to a Microsoft Teams Meeting that your instructor created.
4.) Click the link provided in step 3 above and choose to open the link in the MS Teams App
5.) Click on the “Join Now” button to enter the lecture
If the “Course Calendar” is visible in your Blackboard course- you can go to the date of your lecture and open the MS Team Meeting Link there too. To open that MS Teams Meeting Link- Simply copy and paste the Link into the web browser of your choice. *Just be sure to choose the option to open the open the Link in the MS Teams App. (NOT the web version of MS Teams)

For Recorded Lectures
1.) Log Into Blackboard using your Firefox Web Browser
2.) Find the recording link to the lecture you want to view in your Blackboard Course.
3.) The Recording of your lecture will simply open In Microsoft STREAM in your web browser.