SSO allows you to log in once and gain access to multiple applications. This will not only make your life easier by reducing password prompts and allowing you to jump between applications without having to login to each, but it will also make your accounts more secure.

What Can I Access with Single Sign-on (SSO)?

SSO grants you access to all of the apps you are currently using on campus. This includes (insert list of apps).

Is Single Sign-on Secure?

Beyond the ease of use of SSO, makes your accounts more secure by only allowing one access point. This means there is no other way to access your account to these applications outside of using your (insert school’s name) portal.

Why do I Need Single Sign-on?

SSO is now in place to make your life easier and more secure. You will no longer be required to login to each application individually and remember multiple user names and passwords. Now you will only need to remember one user name and password to access the apps you need to get your schoolwork done.\