ITR Accounts

All students and staff at Neumann University are assigned User IDs for accessing online University services. View this presentation in Adobe PDF format for information on setting up your accounts. We require everyone to enroll in the Neumann Password Recovery service through the website login menu.

Email: An official channel of communication at Neumann. Every student receives an email address structured like: [email protected] Staff addresses are structured as: [email protected]

Network: This account is used to log into computers on campus. Your network account allows you to access network drives, print in our labs, search the internet, & check email while on Neumann’s campus.

NU Learn (Blackboard Learn) is a Web-based distance learning system. In Learn professors post syllabi and course material, post and collect assignments, and facilitate class discussion. Courses prior to Fall 2012 were in Blackboard Vista.

WebAdvisor allows everyone to search for available courses. Students can check course schedule, grades and billing information. Instructors can see course rosters, communicate with students and enter grades.

Adjunct Faculty Account Expiration: Accounts for adjunct faculty who do not teach for six months or more may expire. During contract renewal you should receive the form for Request for Standard Electonic Communications Systems Access (Staff/Faculty). If you did not please print and sign the form and submit it to Neumann Human Resources.

For additional help regarding accounts please contact the help desk by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 610-558-5620.

Computing Services

ITR, the office of Information Technology and Resources coordinates computing services at Neumann University. Services include:

Help Desk and Web Site – ITR staffs a Help Desk that is available during day and evening hours by phone at extension 5620 (from off campus, 610-558-5620) or by email at [email protected] Additional help is available on our Tutorial and Frequently Asked Questions Web pages.

Please note that ITR cannot fix student computers but will be glad to provide the names of local computer service providers.

High speed networking – ITR provides WiFi standard wireless and wired network and Internet access throughout the campus and to the residence halls. Resident students wishing to connect to the Internet from their rooms must register their PCs once they hook them up to our Network; Students will get redirected to a NetReg page the first time they attempt to access a webpage, there they enter their Neumann Computing ID & password. Off-campus students may use their own service providers or can sign up for inexpensive Internet service from local service provider DCA Net.

Computer Purchasing – Neumann recommends that all students have their own computers or regular access to a computer for work and research. While it is not necessary to buy a new computer, ITR has negotiated excellent discounts with several computer manufacturers.

Purchase a Personal Computer

Software Purchasing – Neumann University has standardized on the Microsoft Office programs for office productivity and for most student work. Office XP is installed on the public access computers on    campus. We recommend that students use the Microsoft Office suite on their personal computers as well. Neumann University students can purchase the software at greatly reduced rates through our Microsoft Student Select program for the AICUP colleges association via Journey Education Marketing,    Inc.

Purchase Microsoft Software

E-Mail – Neumann University provides e-mail and network access to all students who agree to use these privileges responsibly. If you have not already submitted the Computing Rights and Responsibilities form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), please print, read and sign it, and bring it to your computing orientation session or to the ITR office. Your Neumann e-mail address will be the primary electronic address that the administration and faculty will use to communicate with you. If you wish to forward your email to an external email address, follow instructions on the ITR Web site, or ask the Help Desk for assistance. Follow this link: “Checklist: Create Strong Passwords” for tips to keep your account secure!

Public Access Labs – Neumann maintains over 150 computers for student use in computer classrooms and public access labs.

ITR Computer Labs

There are three computer classrooms on the ground floor of the Bachman Main Building in ITR Dept, and one lab on the first floor of the Rocco Abessinio Building.

Each classroom is available to be scheduled for classes either on a regular basis or as needed.If you would like to schedule a lab for a class or seminar, please contact the Registrar’s office to reserve the room and let us know what you will need for your class.

The main classrooms, G9 , G7 and G2 have been arranged to create a comfortable, effective learning environment. Computers are arranged around the perimeter of the room allowing instructors to see students’ machines easily and to provide better assistance.

The Open Lab & Help Desk Center, which is not scheduled for classes houses 17 computers that you can access at any time during open office hours.