Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Instructions for Students

Accessing BlackBoard Collaborate

Go to your online course in Blackboard and look for a Collaborate link in the menu.

After clicking on the link, you should see –

After clicking on the Course Room icon or if there is a scheduled session link, you should see –

After clicking on Join Course Room, you should see –


Make sure your microphone is selected else click on the dropdown menu to select it.

While speaking into the microphone, you should see a meter displaying pink bars.

If your microphone is working, then you must click Yes – it’s working button else click on No – I need help.


Make sure your video CAM is working. You may need to click on the dropdown menu to select it.

Note: You may not need to use your video CAM during Collaborate session. Please check with your instructor.


If this is your first time using Collaborate, then you may want to click on the Start Tutorial button.

Click on the menu in the upper right –

And you should see –

You can use your phone for audio if your computer doesn’t have a microphone.

There’s another menu icon shown in the lower right –

There are icons displayed below for chatting, sharing content (if your instructor permits it) and settings.

Click on the X to close the menu.

If you have any questions, please send email to [email protected].