Connecting your own device in a Classroom

All classrooms here at Neumann University are equipped with a VGA connection to connect a laptop or other portable device to the AV System. All newly updated or constructed classrooms are equipped with both a VGA (Analog) and HDMI (Digital) connection.

 vga  hdmi

Basic Connection Instructions:

  1. Connect your Device – Attach either the VGA cable & audio cable OR the HDMI Cable to your device
  2. On the system Touch panel, Choose the “Laptop” button.
    1. Select your connection method – either “VGA” or “HDMI”

Will I hear the audio from my device coming through the room speakers?

Yes, as long as you have all connections in place, you will get your device’s audio through the room. If you are using a VGA connection to the system, Make sure you also have the audio cable plugged into the Headphone Jack of your device. If you are using an HDMI connection, you do not need to use the audio cable, as the HDMI Cable transmits both Audio and Video signal from your device.