Digital Signage Getting Started

Digital Signage

As most of you know ITR has implemented a new Digital Signage System throughout campus.  While most of the signage players still are running off of the old system, we will be upgrading to the newer system rather quickly because of its importance to the university.  The new system has more powerful tools that each department can utilize to get their message out to their Digital signage player in their area and also to the general playlist players around campus.  There will be guidelines that everyone must follow and also training to make sure we can get the most use out of the new system.  Below is what’s needed to get ready to use the new system and also instructions on how to post messages to digital signage screen close to your department and campus-wide digital signage screens.

Get access to the Digital Signage system

Please click on this link to get to the new Digital Signage site. Only each department’s point person will have access to the Digital Signage site. If you believe you are the point person for your department and you are unable to access the system, please submit a Help Desk ticket.

Create your content or use pick & fill templates

Use Neumann University font and color guidelines to build your message and post it on digital signage. You can upload PowerPoints, small videos and 1920 x 1080 horizontal images using Media Files options. Neumann University Graphic Standards

Use Pick and Fill options to use pre-built template. This is quick and easy.  (This option is still being worked on)

Schedule your content to go live

         You have the option to post messages to go live immediately or schedule them to go live at a certain time and date.  Scheduling the message to be posted for a period of time and also during a certain time and date is preferred so we don’t get a build up of slides in each playlist.

         >>> Learn how to schedule to your department playlist and/or submit for approval for the general campus-wide playlist

         If you are a content manager, please follow these steps in order to get email notifications about layouts and messages needing approval.


As always if you’re having any issues w/ Digital Signage please feel free to create a help desk ticket.  ITR can also assist you with creating future templates but does not have the resources to design content for departments