Digital Signage Scheduling and rearranging Messages in playlist

Scheduling: Always, One-Time and Recurring

When posting a message, whether it be media, pick n fill or artwork, you’ll be able to choose where the message will be played in the playlist. The following is a brief description on what the three options mean and how to use them. At the end of this article it shows you how you can rearrange your messages in the playlist. Neumann recommends to use “one time” or “recurring” so that the message doesn’t stay in the playlist forever.


The first option is “Always”. Using this will keep the message playing until its removed from the playlist.

One Time

The next option is “One Time”. If you choose one time you can have the media played for a certain time period.  For example let’s say you have a Christmas Message. You can select one time and then select the “from” box and choose Dec 1 and have it end on Dec 25 @ 11:59pm. This will play your Christmas message for until the end of Christmas.


The final option is Recurring.  Recurring is useful to play your content during certain times of the day and week.  This would be useful for instance… say you wanted to post a breakfast menu that only applies to Mon-Fri from 8am-11am.  You can choose the days of the week that it applies to and also what time it begins and ends during those days.

Rearranging message in playlist

When you schedule your content as described above, you must specify if you want your content to be added to the Beginning, Middle, or End of your playlist. If you want to view or change the order that your messages play, follow these steps.

1. Click on the manage icon

2. Click playlists

3. Look for your playlist you wish to rearrange the messages in and click on it.  Be sure to only click on one playlist. Next either click on the pencil in the bottom right of the selected playlist or click the playlist dropdown menu (2) and click edit (3)

4. The next screen will show the messages in the playlist.  In order to rearrange them you’ll need to click on the message and drag.  For this example I chose General Message 02 slide (1). After you click and hold you need to drag the message to where you want it to go. When dragging you’ll need to drag it until you see the grey area pop up like highlighted below (2).  also make note of where the mouse pointer is between the slides (3).  Once you get it to the correct location you can let go of the mouse click and it will drop it to its new location in the playlist.  If you rearrange the general playlist it will need to be approved by the content manager for that playlist.

5. When done rearranging make sure you click “Finished” to save your changes