Email Account on Mobile Devices

Working with email accounts on your mobile phone

To begin, please scroll down or select the appropriate article from the following list:

iOS - Remove your account

iOS - Add your account

Android - Remove your account

Android - Add your account

Remove Exchange account (iOS)

On your iPhone, open the Settings menu and look for Passwords & Accounts

Once in Passwords & Accounts click on Exchange

At the bottom of the Exchange account, select the option to Delete Account

You will get a prompt like the one below.

You have now removed your Exchange account from your device

iOS - Add Exchange Account

Once in Passwords & Accounts click on Add Account

From the list of account types, Neumann email is listed as Exchange.  Click on Exchange

Enter your full email address.

Faculty/Staff ([email protected])
Student ([email protected])

When prompted choose Sign in.

After clicking Sign in, you will need to authenticate using the Neumann login page.

After signing in the account will have been added and you can select what Exchange will be syncing.

Removing Outlook account (Android OS)

While in the Outlook app, click the three lines in the top left corner.


Once here, you will click the settings gear in the bottom left corner.

Tap the account you wish to remove.

Select Delete Account

Once deleted, if you have no other accounts you will be redirected back to the Get started page.

Installing and setting up Outlook for Android

Go to the Google Play store and Install “Microsoft Outlook” Application.

Once finished open the app and click Get Started.

When asked to add Google account you may Skip this page.

Here you will add your Neumann email address.

You will then be redirected to add your password, then click Login.

Next you will see basic overview of the app, you may click the arrow to learn more or skip to end the overview.