Email Inbox Rules

Outlook Webmail Inbox Rules

Email rules allow you to decide how your incoming and outgoing mail is handled.  Whether that be sorting your email into sub-solders based on the sender, or marking email from an instructor as important.  Caution: Poor rule design could lead to misplaced emails.  For example, accounts that are compromised will usually have rules created that will send all incoming emails to the Deleted Items folder.  If this is the case, delete the rule.

Within your email, find the settings menu, gear wheel, in the top right corner.

After opening the start menu, type "rule" into the search.  You should see "Inbox Rules" as one of your choices.

After selecting "Inbox Rules", you will be able to create, edit, and delete rules.

After selecting "Add new rule", options for creating a rule will be displayed. The options include; Conditions which allow you to select what emails will be affected by the rule and Actions which determine what will be done with the affected emails.