Examplify: Common Issues { macOS }

These instructions only work for macOS operating systems: OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), OS X 10.14 (Mojave), Mac OS Catalina (10.15).

In addition Chromebooks and ChromeOS do not work with the Examsoft Examplify platform.

Browser will not open to authenticate the session

This issue occurs after entering the “Institution ID” and choosing “Next”. The computer’s default web browser is suppose to open up to a login page to authenticate the testing session. This on occasion can fail to occur, leaving you stuck at the application login screen. See below.

The easiest way to fix this is to reset or change your default web browser.

From the Apple Dock select the “Systems Preferences” app

Within System Preferences choose the “General” option

On the following screen under the “Default Browser” section,  choose a web browser from the list (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)


After that re-launch the Examplify application.


No Institution ID prompt


In some rare instance, the settings files for Examplify become corrupted. This cause the application to not prompt/show the user the institution ID page. Thus the user can not authenticate the testing session.


This can be fix by renaming and or deleting a folder within “Application Support

Launch Finder app

Click “Go” at the top finder menus and select “Computer

User-added image

Choose the Macintosh HD drive.

Navigate to “Library” and then “Application Support“.

Find the Examplify folder and rename it to “Examplify.OLD

User-added image

After that re-launch the Examplify app.