Group Manager Documentation

Group Manager

In the start menu, type “Group Manager”, a screen similar to the one above should be displayed.  Click on Group Manager. If you do not see the Group Manager application, and believe you should have access to manage a group, please contact the Help desk to have the software installed.

When Group Manager runs a list of groups that you have access to will be displayed.  Set the group you want to edit and click “View Members”.

All the current members of the group will be displayed.  You can add and remove members as needed.

Adding Users

If you need to add a new member to a group, after clicking “Add”, you will see the screen above.  At this point you can type their username in the Member Name box, and click add.  Once you are done adding new members, click OK.


*Important Note: Users that have been added to groups will have to logoff and log back onto the computer for their group memberships to take effect.*

Removing Users

If you need to remove members from a group, select the user(s), and click “Remove”.  Click "Yes" when prompted.