How to enroll with MyNU

Great News!  Your MyNU Portal - “Single Sign On” for your NU applications will go live March 7, 2018.

Neumann University is introducing a new, improved and much more efficient way to login to all of your applications (Email, Blackboard, WebAdvisor, SharePoint, etc.). This system, which is similar to banks, credit card companies and Amazon, will allow you to login only once (Single Sign On) to access all of your applications.

This is an advance announcement for your planning purposes. The go live date is March 7, 2018 (post spring break is preferable for many reasons). You may experience delays logging in for a short period during the afternoon into evening on March 6th. Please notify us if this presents any issue.

Those that enroll early will have a chance to win one of four $25 WAWA / ITUNES gift cards. Read the directions below and follow along with the link at the end of this tutorial to enter to win!

The system will step you through the enrollment and you will then be ready for the launch of our new portal on March 7th.

Use your Neumann Username and Password to login. 

The system will ask you to enroll your cell phone:

System will send a text message with a six-digit code to your cell phone. Enter this code for One-time passcode and click Continue 

Click continue

Next, you have to enroll your secondary email address. It cannot be your Neumann email. Once you have entered your email, click continue.

Just like the text message, you will receive a code in your email. Enter that code and click continue.

Click continue

Now that you're on the account management page, you are successfully enrolled!

Once the system goes live on March 7th, you will be sent to the single sign on portal instead of this account management page.

Click Here to begin the enrollment process.