How to Hide Turnitin Grades from Students Until You Are Ready

Turnitin assignments normally pass grades to the Blackboard Grade Center but only show grades and comments to students when you are ready.  You determine, through the Post Date and the assignment settings, when students can see your feedback.

The Default Settings

When you create a Turnitin assignment, the default settings prevent students from seeing grades before the Post Date.Reveal grades immediately = No Ignore Turnitin Grades = No Use GradeMark = Yes

  • “Reveal grades immediately” – “No”, means “Don’t let students see my grades until the Post Date.
  • That double negative, “Ignore Turnitin Grades” – “No”, means “Yes – please pass grades from Turnitin to Learn.”
  • “Use GradeMark” – “Yes”, means “Do let me use Turnitin’s commenting, and let students see the comments once they are available.”

In the Submissions Inbox, you can click the (blue) pencil icon to edit Start, Due and Post dates.

Showing Start Date, Due Date, Post Date, Grade Total and Tools. The last tool is the pencil tool for editing dates and parts.

Before the Post Date, not only are students unable to see their grades by going to the Turnitin Assignment in Learn, but the grade is also hidden from them in “My Grades,” and it is excluded from any calculated column in the Grade Center, such as Total or Weighted Total.

Showing 3 grade center columns, MidTerm (A), DateTest (B) which is hidden from students, and "A + B". In DateTest (B), one student has a 91, but that score is not added to "A + B".For instance, in the Grade Center view at left, the column called “A + B” is the sum of “MidTerm (A)” and “Date Test (B)”, a Turnitin assignment.  Since the Post Date has not been reached, however, the Turnitin grade is hidden from students in My Grades (indicated by the red slash) and is not included in “A + B”.

Once the Post Date is passed, though, the grades become visible to students in My Grades (the red slash disappears), and the Showing 3 grade center columns, MidTerm (A), DateTest (B) which is available to students, and "A + B". The 91 in DateTest (B) is now added to "A + B".column will be added back into any calculated columns (as long as you did not save the calculated column while the Turnitin column was unavailable).


An Alternative

To avoid having grade columns disappear from Weighted Totals, we recommend setting Reveal Grades Immediately to Yes. Beginning an assignment with Ignore Turnitin Grades also set to Yes (to ignore the grades) will hide the grades from students. Grades will not be transferred from Turnitin to the Grade Center, and the grades will not display in the Turnitin Direct Submission Inbox. Once the instructor has graded the submissions through the Turnitin Submissions Inbox, s/he can release the grades to students by setting Ignore Turnitin Grades back to No (i.e. to stop Ignoring Turnitin Grades). This will update the grades in both the Submission Inbox and in the Grade Center.

Scott Beadenkopf