How to post a Message to Digital Signage

Post Messages to Digital Signage

Schedule content to digital signage is quick and easy and there are two methods you can use.   All messages must follow Neumann University Graphic Standards like having correct font and colors while also making them in 1920x1080 (16:9).  This article will talk about posting messages to your department digital signage screen and also how to schedule to the campus wide digital signage playlist that will be shown around campus.

Method 1 (Quickest way)

1. Once the message is created you'll need to go to the Digital Signage Website by clicking Here.

The first screen you will see is the Overview screen.  From here in the "Schedule message" section you can select the playlist you have access to (1) and select the type (2) "Media file" will be the most common selection or Pick & Fill) then click schedule (3).

Here is more info on the different types and what they mean (more types will be added in the futue)
Use this to choose a file from your computer like a previously made picture that you quickly want to upload.  Remember to follow Neumann guidelines and make sure it's 1920x1080
Using Pick and Fill has a lot of benefits to Digital Signage.   We have Created Layouts for everyone to use which makes it much easier to build a message while keeping it professional looking.  You can add your own pictures to the layout as well as choose your own message and titles.  This is still being worked on and will have article on how to use this in the very near future 
Artwork is helpful to upload messages that you have saved to your personal Artwork folder.  This comes in handy for posting seasonal messages that you may want to post say during Easter and Halloween.  You don't want to have them up all year round but its also easy to get to them when its time to post.    Instructions on how to upload messages to your personal Artwork folder can be found Here ---> Adding artwork to your personal folder in digital signage


2. After you click schedule you'll see the following screen.  Confirm you're posting to the correct playlist (1) and then choose file (2)

3. Once the file is selected choose how the file will be played (1).  For a standard picture, you will use Visix Raster Image Viewer. Click Import (2)

4. The next screen is where you can give the content a name (1) Preview the content before posting (2) Change how long the content will play for and the effect it will use when your content is viewed on the player (3). Generally you should keep the "Play" length to around 4-7 seconds depending on how much info is on the message.  Lastly you can select where you want the slide in the playlist (4). You can choose to play it in the beginning, have the slide placed in the middle or even play it at the end.  You can have it "Always" playing until its removed, or you can choose one time or Recurring. Neumann recommends to use "one time" or "recurring" so that the message doesn't stay in the playlist forever. Click here for more information about Message scheduling.


5. After you select where the message will be placed you can click finished. (Content submitted to the General Message playlist will need to go though the approval process)

Method 2 (Have option to manage playlist content)

1. Like the first method first you'll go to your overview page and then click the hamburger icon at the top and then choose playlists

2. Next look for your playlist you wish to add the message to by clicking on the playlist and highlighting it blue (1) and then selecting the type you wish to add (2). You can select multiple playlists to add the message to. Also on this screen you can manage the playlist messages if only one playlist is selected by clicking the pencil (3) or clicking the playlist drop down arrow (4) and choosing edit.

3. After you select the type the process will be the same as method 1 above.  Give the message a name, select the transition animation and duration, and how you want to schedule the message and then click "Finished".


As always if you have any difficulties or questions w/ Digital Signage feel free to submit a help desk ticket.