How to use VPN (Windows Or Mac)

Note: These instructions  work for the Windows Operating System, Mac Users need java first and can use Safari, see note at bottom of this document

In order to use the VPN. User must use Internet Explorer  (chrome or firefox won't work for this part, even though you need to use chrome to work with Colleague - see last steps below)

Navigate to

Log in with your Neumann Username and Password

*  Username - Not the full email address.

User might get error pop-up window click "OK" and select "Connect"

System will ask to install Check Point Deployment Agent click "Install"   (this is a short, temporary and safe install , should only occur first time you do this)

Next security window will display click "YES"

Next window click "Trust Server"

Click "Allow" to run the check point agent

If you run in to any error. close the error message and click "Connect" again.  Once connected you can minimize the Checkpoint window.

Once it connects the relevant application will turn green. (see image below)

Colleague and Informer links will show up under Native Applications.  DO NOT CLICK the Colleague link from here since Colleague now requires Chrome as the browser and you're in IE

Instead now that you are logged into the VPN network, you can open Chrome browser and navigate to Colleague at the following link:

S Drive access will show up under the Files section


Note for Mac users:

We have heard of folks having success with these general instructions. More information to follow.

Use the Safari Browser

Make sure you have Java SDK installed. (From safari, use google to search for "java SDK download" and install java SDK from there) Or click this link { } Choose the " jdk-14.0.1_osx-x64_bin.dmg " and install it.

Attempt to follow the steps above