ITR Accounts

All students and staff at Neumann University are assigned User IDs for accessing online University services. View this presentation in Adobe PDF format for information on setting up your accounts. We require everyone to enroll in the Neumann Password Recovery service through the website login menu.

Email: An official channel of communication at Neumann. Every student receives an email address structured like: [email protected] Staff addresses are structured as: [email protected]

Network: This account is used to log into computers on campus. Your network account allows you to access network drives, print in our labs, search the internet, & check email while on Neumann’s campus.

NU Learn (Blackboard Learn) is a Web-based distance learning system. In Learn professors post syllabi and course material, post and collect assignments, and facilitate class discussion. Courses prior to Fall 2012 were in Blackboard Vista.

WebAdvisor allows everyone to search for available courses. Students can check course schedule, grades and billing information. Instructors can see course rosters, communicate with students and enter grades.

Adjunct Faculty Account Expiration: Accounts for adjunct faculty who do not teach for six months or more may expire. During contract renewal you should receive the form for Request for Standard Electonic Communications Systems Access (Staff/Faculty). If you did not please print and sign the form and submit it to Neumann Human Resources.

For additional help regarding accounts please contact the help desk by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 610-558-5620.