Upcoming Migration Of Learn

Outage Timing

Learn Unavailable Starting: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 12:00pm EST
Outage Duration: approximately 3 days
Learn Available Again: Friday, January 5th, 2018 


Coming Soon.

Assignments - Submission Confirmations

Students will now receive a confirmation for any Assignment submissions within Learn, both in the system and via e-mail. Instructors will be able to review these as well. More information can be found on the Blackboard site linked below.

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Grade Center - Assignment Reminders

Instructors can now send reminders to students who have not yet submitted an assignment. More information can be found on the Blackboard site link below.

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Grade Center - Bulk Column Deletes


Users can now select one or more columns under Column Organization and delete them.

Inline Grading - New Interface

The view for grading assignments now uses Box for commenting and annotation. Please watch the video for further details on how this feature has changed.

Discussions - Replies to Me

Within the Discussions Tool, users will see a column that indicates how many replies are to their messages. This is also a collection view for users who want to review posts offline.

Groups Tool - Collaborate

When creating Groups, users can now activate Collaborate as a tool that group members can utilize for synchronous communication and collaboration.

Hovering Submit Button

Rather than having a Submit button at the top and another at the bottom of a page, users will see one Submit button that constantly hovers at the bottom of the page.

Turnitin - Digital Receipts

When a student submits a paper to Turnitin, they will now be presented with a Digital Confirmation Receipt with an option to print for their own records.