Using the Simultaneous Ring feature

With the Mitel phone system, it's possible to have your calls simultaneously ring your cell phone. To set this up, you'll need the Mitel Connect client installed and working on your Neumann computer.

First, open the Mitel Connect software. At the top of the window, click on the Connect menu, then Settings

From the settings menu, click Call Routing, then Availability Routing at the top.

You can use the wizard to configure all of the options available to you, or simply click the first "Change" button to modify the simultaneous ring settings.

Make sure the box labelled "Also simultaneously ring these numbers" is checked, then, in the drop down (1), add a label (2) and phone number (3). You have the option (4) to automatically connect calls when you answer, or require you to press 1 for the call to connect. You can also select how many times you would wish the system to ring your phone before giving up.

Once you're done entering your number, click "Use Selected Number" (5) and make sure you click save at the bottom of the window to save your changes.

Note: With the simultaneous ring and automatically connect features enabled, be cautious about declining calls from your cell phone. Any answer of the call - even by a voicemail system - will be treated as a pick up, and your caller will now be talking to your cell phone voicemail. If this is not what you intend to do, please simply ignore the phone call if you are unable to answer and the caller will be sent to your office voicemail.